24" Ceramic Pellet Grill with 19.6" Diameter Gridiron Double Ceramic Liner 4 in 1 Smoked Roasted BBQ Pan-roasted for Outdoors Patio, Dark Green

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Product Features

Four Working Ranges: Different from traditional charcoal grill or gas oven, this ceramic pellet grill heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. 4-in-1 energy-saving and pellet grill is available in four working ranges: 50-120? for smoking, 120-190? for roasting, 190-275? for grilling, and 275-425? for pan-roasting. According to authoritative estimates, fewer nutrients are wasted, making it one of the healthiest, safest, most natural, and most popular sources of delicious food. this product compatible with rolling grill basket. Large Capacity: This 24-inch ceramic pellet grill, with a 19.6-inch diameter gridiron, makes it easier to cook large pieces of meat, such as whole chicken, roast leg of lamb and more. A 16-inch auxiliary gridiron can also be used to grill pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. This ceramic pellet grill is a great housewife's helper, perfect for entertaining a lot of friends and family outdoors in the courtyard. Excellent Performance: The ceramic pellet grill can be heated to 500? and then lowered to the desired cooking temperature. The PID algorithm in the pellet grill keeps the temperature deviation within 5? at all times, ensuring that the food does not burn easily. The typical spherical closed container design of this ceramic pellet grill, with walls up to 2cm thick, allows it to effectively retain heat and stay hot continuously, locking in moisture and retaining the original flavor of baked goods. Simple Operation:A knob starts the whole process, automatically igniting and feeding, which can be accelerated by touching the 'PRIME' key and set to degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit with the '?/?' key. Gravy probe detects roast temperature, LCD screen displays real-time status. This simple and straightforward design facilitates a high degree of convenience in daily use. Ancient Origin: Ceramic grills build on this heritage with a unique aesthetic, high quality metal fittings, ergonomic and safe environmental performance, as well as its soft design features, ceramic grills also use unique ceramics suitable for all seasons. It is an ancient way of grilling, the most traditional, the safest and the most natural! It is a popular barbecue stove!