GRILLS EL BARRIL Barrel Grill in Stainless Steel (MEDIUM FULL COMBO)

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It includes: 14 hooks, charcoal burner and a hook remover 10 Years of warranty How to use it? It’s very simple, only follow this steps. 1) Cover the base with aluminum foil 2) Add sand or beer with spices on the aluminum foil or if you want you can omit this step (The sand or beer is going to catch the grass of the meat and work as a vaporizer) 3) Fill the burner with charcoal and for light use fire starters below the burner 4) When the charcoal is on fire add the cylinder and hang the meat and close it. Our barrel produce 95% less smoke than a traditional grill, is ideal for any space in your house or apartment. You can grill, smoke, roast and bake