Kingsford 32100 Charcoal Professional Briquettes, 12 lb, Black

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Product Features

Low ash formula: bring friends and family together with Kingsford professional charcoal briquettes for barbecuing. These BBQ charcoal briquettes are our lowest ash formula and grill up your favorite foods in just 10 minutes; packaging may vary Wood charcoal: made with 100% natural premium wood char for clean-burning and clean-grilling. Each 12 pound bag of professional charcoal briquettes generates about 3 uses High heat grill charcoal: this charcoal for grilling delivers a higher heat and consistent burn for slow cooking or smoking large cuts of meat compared to conventional charcoal brands Original BBQ flavor: great for backyard parties or tailgates infuse authentic smoky wood-fired flavor into beef chicken pork fish veggies and more Made in the USA: Kingsford Charcoal professional briquettes are the perfect BBQ briquettes for grilling, searing, ceramic grills and smoking made in the USA with natural ingredients from North America